Do your leaders have the right skills? Will the next leaders be ready to take over? Carter Fraser identifies and develops the leaders you will need to reach your goals.  Learn more.
Having the wrong employees can stop growth cold. Carter Fraser gives you the insights to make better people decisions.  To hire right, promote right, and manage your team for success. Learn more.
Boot Camps
Our Boot Camps teach actionable models that produce real results. Participants will change their behavior and, as a result, become better leaders and sales professionals. Learn more.


Attention Parents of High School and College Students!

Clients who have experienced our career assessments typically say, “I wish I had this information back when I was picking a college and a career!”   

As a result, our clients began asking Carter Fraser if we could help their own kids make more informed college and career choices.  Carter Fraser assesses students’ interests, style and needs to identify careers and even schools that will allow their kids to thrive (and eventually make a living!).

The result?  Students who are more confident of their own potential and ability to succeed both in college and the workplace!

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What Keeps Your Business From Growing?


What Keeps Your Business From Growing?

Business growth can stall for a lot of reasons.  Sometimes it’s the wrong strategy or even a lack of strategy.  Sometimes it’s great strategy but no execution.  Sometimes it’s the people – not enough of the right people in the right roles.  Sometimes it’s a lack of teamwork.  The reasons can seem endless.  That’s where Carter Fraser can help.  You don't have to invest a lot to get great value from working with the Carter Fraser team.

Let Us Launch Your Business to New Levels

Your business is unique and some packaged, “off the shelf” consulting or training will not get you to where you should be.  Carter Fraser will customize a plan for your business’ specific needs.  Your plan could include any of the following:

DEVELOPING STRATEGY: Our team has the real world experience to help create or refine your growth strategy, organization structure, sales plans or talent solutions to seize growth opportunities.

LEADERSHIP COACHING: Coaching can make a real difference but not all coaches are equal. Whether supporting current leaders or developing future leaders, Carter Fraser knows it takes a coach with the right experience, expertise and knowledge for coaching to make a positive impact.

TRAINING: Carter Fraser can create a customized training plan for your business that drives the skills and alignment needed to successfully execute your strategy. This could include training in sales, sales management, teamwork, or leadership.

So WHAT is keeping your business from reaching its full potential?  Contact Carter Fraser and get started!