Kristi Dinsmore
Kristi knows how lucky she was to have started her career in retail—learning from the ground up what it takes to create profitable growth. After graduating from Miami University, Kristi held sales, management and buying roles at Mercantile Stores, The May Company and ultimately, Liz Claiborne where she was on the launch team of a new division. Kristi broadened her business knowledge with an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business but realized that the numbers side is often the easiest. In reality, it is “people” (particularly leaders) that make or break most organizations. Since then, Kristi has done what most companies struggle to do—make the “people side” work. She has helped organizations in the retail, consumer products, construction, financial services and technology industries develop the right strategy, structure and people to drive growth and profit. Kristi’s focus is coaching and developing senior and “high potential” leaders to create and sustain profitable growth.

Daniel J. Graham
In partnership with Carter Fraser.
 Daniel doesn’t just “talk” leadership. He has led a growing company in a highly competitive industry and has practical, hands-on experience inspiring people to a high level of performance. Daniel’s commitment as President/CEO of The Berry Company was to create a professional business environment that rewarded risk taking and performance achieved with the highest integrity. How did he do this? By doing what sounds easy but leaders and companies often find hard to actually do: recruiting and developing high quality talent, providing the training and tools for people to excel and holding people accountable for their performance. While growing a profitable business. Daniel has led in both good and challenging times; however his approach to the business and the people never changes. He completely understands the financial responsibility for the P&L but he equally understands that people judge the real success of a leader by “how” they got those results.
Kathy Geiger-Schwab
In partnership with Carter Fraser.
Kathy has been described as having the unique ability to conceptualize broad strategic visions, then develop and deploy the tactical execution required to achieve the vision - she can successfully operate at both the “50,000 foot” and “5 foot” level. Throughout her 30+ year career, she has initiated or been tapped to lead some of the most complex and difficult initiatives. She is an innovator that knows how to achieve results! However, Kathy may be best known as a leader of high performing talent and teams. As an executive, she "led by example", never asking more of her team than what she was willing to do herself. Kathy has always had an eye for talent, believing that businesses don’t grow unless people grow first. As a result, her teams displayed passion for the task, the customer and each other. Kathy believes that excellence is created by providing clear direction and appropriate support mixed with a little bit of humility and plenty of humor.
Dennis E. Williams
In partnership with Carter Fraser.
Having lived and worked in sales positions domestically and internationally, Dennis has developed a pragmatic approach to selling that gets results. Dennis has field-tested his approach, methodologies, sales processes and tools working with thousands of salespeople and hundreds of sales managers in both large and small organizations to identify what really works to increase sales and build high-performing talent and teams. No one is harder to “sell” than a salesperson but Dennis’ deep expertise in sales, sales training and engaging style allows him to identify and communicate the realities people and organizations need to address to improve results (but still get invited out for a beer at the end of the day). Dennis is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and earned his Masters of Business Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.