How Carter Fraser Can Help You Grow
Let’s be honest... sometimes running your business makes it hard to see what’s keeping your business from growing.  Sometimes you need an experienced “outsider” to ask the tough questions.  At Carter Fraser, we ask those tough questions.  We get to know you and your business and provide AFFORDABLE, TAILORED SOLUTIONS that create IMMEDIATE VALUE.  Let us show you that working with a consultant doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or money.    

Hiring Better

A bad hire can cost you more than money.  Carter Fraser can take the “guess-work” out of hiring so you pick the right person every time!

Getting Started

For as little as $300, Carter Fraser can help you screen better, interview better and hire better.    

Sales Planning

There are many ways to achieve sales growth.  Let Carter Fraser’s experienced sales leaders take an objective look at your company and help you identify and execute your company’s sales strategy!

Getting Started

Carter Fraser can help you build a sales strategy that drives profitable growth!    

Sales Management

So your sales force isn’t getting the results you want? Carter Fraser has the experience to help you drive sales accountability!

Getting Started

Carter Fraser can help you create sales plans and accountability that will get results!    

Building High Performance Teams

Is your team dysfunctional?  Carter Fraser can quickly assess your team’s strengths, blind spots and dysfunctions!

Getting Started

Carter Fraser can help your team work better together to drive results!    

Developing Leaders

Leaders are made.   We help you find them sooner and develop them faster!

Getting Started

For as little as $500, Carter Fraser can identify the leadership potential of your team!