It’s all about growth–profitable, sustainable growth. Regardless of economic conditions, real growth is possible. But it requires alignment of goals, strategy, processes and people


Having the wrong employees can stop growth cold. But knowing how to identify, attract, develop and retain the right talent allows your business to seize growth opportunities.


Don’t confuse management and
leadership. Managers oversee work. Leaders enable great performance which turns opportunities into real, measurable results. 


Kristi’s coaching taught me how to look into the mirror and challenge myself as a leader. Since her mentoring, my company has experienced double-digit growth for three consecutive years while increasing our bottom line.  My company is now attracting and hiring top talent to sustain this growth.  The Carter-Fraser team brings their real-world experience  to generate profitable results for your company. Read More

Rob Fergusen 

President - Grandview Winnelson

Good leadership skills are a key to any manager’s success.  Kristi Dinsmore provides a wonderful leadership approach that helps good managers turn into great leaders.  Read More

Kris Bebko

Operations Manager - Norwood Medical

I highly recommend Kristi and her leadership coaching skills. The knowledge and experience she brings to the table is incomparable. Read More

Katie Joseph

Montgomery County Auditor’s Office



I consider Kristi my mentor and am very appreciative of all that she taught me.  I have worked around and for many people in my career and I have not met anyone that knows more about business and how to be successful in it. Read More

Keith Jones 

President - Central Oklahoma Winnelson